MEP and our most popular Pharmacy Guides now available for whole profession

Inspired by the way pharmacists are supporting each other during this global emergency we have made the MEP and our pharmacy guides available and accessible to everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know that pharmacy teams on the front line need additional support from fellow pharmacists. We've heard your call to do everything we can to make sure every pharmacist who needs it has access to up to date guidance. We want to do more to support those returning to the front line from retirement or from non-patient facing roles.

Medicine, Ethics and Practice (MEP). Is your go-to guide for good practice – offering every day, practical tools and guidance. We want all pharmacy teams to feel confident and the MEP is there to help you make the right decisions.

These invaluable RPS Pharmacy Guides cover areas such as; Professional JudgementCommunity Pharmacy PracticeHospital Pharmacy PracticeEmergency Supply Mythbuster and a Return to Practice checklist.

Whether coming out of retirement, back from a break or stepping in to a new front line role, we want to help make your return as seamless as possible. Thank you for everything you are doing to support patients and the public.


Here's the full list of pharmacy guides which have now been made available:


  1. Emergency supply 
  2. Reclassification guide
  3. Children collecting medicines from a pharmacy
  4. Controlled drugs
  5. Controlled drugs requisition requirements 
  6. Dispensing valproate for girls and women 
  7. Medicines that optometrists can order
  8. New drugs and driving legislation 
  9. Oral emergency contraceptives as pharmacy medicines
  10. Poisons and chemicals from the pharmacy
  11. Professional judgement 
  12. Safe custody of Controlled Drugs 
  13. Summary Care Records (England)
  14. Changes to the Poisons Act webinar
  15. Community pharmacy practice – preparing for day one guide 
  16. Hospital pharmacy practice – preparing for day one guide 
  17. Emergency supply mythbuster 
  18. FMD guide 
  19. Return to Practice checklist
  20. Protecting children and young people
  21. Protecting vulnerable adults