RPS Pharma Scene Podcast out today with Dame Sally Davies

“Please pharmacists round the world help us,” asks Dame Sally Davies, the UK Special Envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), and the first special guest on the new RPS Pharma Scene Podcast.

Formerly the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England, Dame Sally is interviewed by RPS Chief Scientist Gino Martini and CEO Paul Bennett about AMR.

Dame Sally has been appointed a co-convener of the UN Inter-Agency Co-ordination Group on AMR and has spoken on AMR at numerous events, including the World Health Assembly side events, the G8 science ministers’ meeting the Global Health Security and the UN General Assembly side event.

“We have AMR which is a threat to our entire planet. Some new data which is due to be published any day now suggests that well over a million people die every year from drug-resistant diseases,” Dame Sally explains during the podcast, “but AMR is an invisible killer… It doesn’t have a face – people don’t say, oh my wife died of AMR. We don’t see AMR moving around.”

She presents some shocking statistics and challenges around AMR and inequalities, as well as possible solutions and changes that we need to make in society and a call for action.

Dame Sally says pharmacists are crucial in the fight against AMR. She said: “You are on the frontline on dispensing and prescribing antimicrobials all around the world, and we have looked on you to act as responsible stewards to help people understand the issues.”

The RPS Pharma Scene Podcast is an amalgamation of the popular PharmSci Today and PrezCast podcasts, and will feature interviews with everyone from the world of pharmacy and beyond.

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Listen to the first instalment of the RPS Pharma Scene Podcast with Dame Sally Davies.