Commission on Pharmacy Professional Leadership

RPS coat of armsWhat was the Commission on Pharmacy Professional Leadership?

Pharmacy professional leadership is crucial amid anticipated changes affecting pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

To address this, UK Commission on Pharmacy Professional Leadership published a report with a set of recommendations. They consulted with pharmacy professionals and stakeholders through a Call for Evidence, webinars, and discussions to shape their work.

The report suggests establishing a Pharmacy Leadership Council in 2023 to foster collaboration between leadership bodies and professional groups, to support pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with the opportunities and challenges ahead. This council will drive the implementation of the report's vision and recommendations over five years.

Our response to the Commission

RPS agrees with the UK Commission on Pharmacy Professional Leadership that professional leadership needs to evolve in step with developments in patient needs and service provision. 

Future professional leadership needs to be independent, proactive, challenging, forward-looking and always with patient benefit as the first consideration.

RPS already plays an essential leadership role in pharmacy through our advocacy, policy, standards, and education work; for example, our ten-year "visions for pharmacy practice" in each of the three nations:

We want to build on and strengthen our position as a trusted, forward-looking and independent professional leadership body, for a future where pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can provide ever-improving patient care.

If you would like to share your views on the report or on RPS' response, please get in contact with our professional support team at [email protected].

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