Pharmacogenomics - the future of pharmacy


What are genomics and pharmacogenomics?

Genomics is a study of all of a person's or an organism's genetic material (genes) and how it affects the growth, development and function of the working body.

Pharmacogenomics (or PGx for short) is just one aspect of genomics, and can be defined as the study of how your genetic information influences how you are likely to respond to medicines.

Our Pharmacogenomics Lead, Sophie Harding, has previous experience of using PGx testing within her practice, and in this short video below she explains how PGx will change the role of pharmacists going forward.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about pharmacogenomics, email Sophie at [email protected]

PGx and you

How could PGx impact my role in healthcare?

The RPS is keen to educate and inform our members on developments within PGx, in order to ensure that pharmacy is prepared to embrace the benefits of PGx for patients across all sectors of healthcare.

Pharmacists could lead on PGx testing across all healthcare sectors, and we're speaking to pharmacists to explore how they expect PGx will affect their practice - watch the videos below to find out more.

Antimicrobial Stewardship and PGx

Consultant Pharmacist Dr Hayley Wickens explains the vital role of PGx in the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

Secondary Care and PGx

Specialist Clinical Pharmacist Alex Matos describes how PGx currently impacts his secondary care practice and how he expects it to do so in future.

Primary Care and PGx

Jill Swan, Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow, explains how Pharmacogenomics may impact Primary Care.

Community Pharmacy and PGx

Tim Rendell, Head of Pharmacy at Day Lewis pharmacies, explains how he believes pharmacogenomics could impact community pharmacy.

Watch our Demystifying Pharmacogenomics webinar series

Demystifying Pharmacogenomics 4

Application and Implementation

The fourth session of the series will focus on the application of pharmacogenomics in the UK. You’ll learn about how pharmacogenomic implementation plans are progressing, including the barriers we face.

Demystifying Pharmacogenomics 3

Interpreting Test Results and Guiding Treatment

Our third webinar focuses on interpreting test results. Watch the webinar to hear from experts on how they're already using clinical decision tools to guide treatment.

We also look at how this already works elsewhere.

Demystifying Pharmacogenomics 2


Our second Pharmacogenomics session of the series looks at pharmacogenomic testing. Offering a test, the different types of tests and the process in the lab.

It also looks at what’s happening in the UK and how PGx testing varies around the world.

Demystifying Pharmacogenomics 1

Pharmacy’s role in personalised medicines

The first of our webinar series looks at the role of pharmacy in personalised medicines, and how pharmacogenomics (PGx) is changing the way medicines are used.

Discover how pharmacogenomics will affect your practice.

PGx Resources

Recommendations to support pharmacy and PGx implementation across healthcare systems

Pharmacogenomics podcast

Episode 14 of our RPS Pharma Scene podcast features Sophie talking to English Pharmacy Board member Ciara Duffy about pharmacogenomics. 

They discuss the huge effect PGx is going to have on healthcare - and how pharmacists will be right at the heart of that change.