Tutor Resources and Guidance

Our tutor resources and guidance will support you in your role as a tutor regardless of the sector or environment your work in. We are developing a new suite of quick reference guides, handbooks, case studies, digital media and interactive tools.

Resource library

Tutor guidance

The RPS Tutor guidance for members who are Tutoring in all sectors/settings and roles, and is accompanied by supplements for pre-registration training and foundation practice.

The guidance and supplements provide:

  • Tutors with an outline of roles and responsibilities to enable them to effectively tutor students, pre-registration trainees, pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, and supports Tutors with implementing this in practice.
  • Tutees with an outline of the type of support and guidance that may be available from their Tutor and what they can expect in practice.

We are interested in hearing how you have used this guidance and any feedback you may have, including how you have adapted and added to the guidance, so that we can take these into account when we review future editions. Please send any comments, suggestions and feedback to Professional Support.