Continuing professional development for MPharm students and pre-registration trainees

We know that practitioners, who are well supported and understand what is required, are better equipped to adapt and deliver pharmaceutical care. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) provides support and development at every stage of every members’ professional journey. 

In 2016, BPSA decided to collaborate with RPS to update their BPSA Professional Development Scheme (PDS). Together, the Pre-Foundation programme is being developed to enhance and further support what students are required to already participate in during their Higher Education Institution (HEI) studies and alongside the GPhC requirements. The programme will complement and align to continuing professional development much in the same way that the Foundation programme runs for post registration pharmacists.

As we are currently in the planning stages of the Pre-Foundation programme, please refer here or for the latest updates. 



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Are you a pre-registration trainee, tutor, or mentor? 

We offer a range of resources and tools that can help you in your practice:

Our vision

All pre-foundation (student and pre-registration trainee) members to have access to professional support and guidance during their undergraduate studies, so the transition from sixth form/college studies, through the different years of higher education and then pre-registration training is seamless.This support will facilitate development and learning, so they are suitably prepared for day one of training and professional practice.

BPSA working with RPS

A collaborative project

  • Through offering the leadership, support and development that you need to fulfill your potential, the RPS is dedicated to supporting all pharmacists at all stages of their career.
  • BPSA, the official student arm of the RPS, exists to represent, educate, and support our members across the UK. BPSA is the national body that solely represents pharmacy students and pre-registration trainee pharmacists. 
  • Together, we strive to innovate and transform the pharmacy workforce from day 1 of pharmacy education and support the current professional development scheme offered by BPSA. From student through pre-registration year, to newly qualified and beyond, we are committed to supporting our pharmacy students and trainees to be the best they can be, so upon registration they are confident and suitably prepared for professional practice.

"The BPSA is working with the RPS to develop the Pre-Foundation programme, which we believe will be a great opportunity for students to showcase their skills and take part in a peer-mentoring experience. We aim to identify what aspects of the programme students will find most useful, receiving their input at all stages of development.

The Pre-Foundation programme is an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their learning from day 1 of their pharmacy training and will provide guidance and support, which will be useful throughout their careers. The BPSA is very excited to be working on this programme, and we hope that it will provide our members with an excellent opportunity for personal and professional development."

- The BPSA Executive

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Purpose of Pre-Foundation Purpose

The Pre-Foundation programme will: 

  • Enable students from day 1 of their studies to gain knowledge, skills and behaviours aligning with national frameworks for continuing professional development, so that they will be better equipped to adapt and deliver safe and effective pharmaceutical care early in their careers.
  • At the core of the programme, the Pre-Foundation framework will complement undergraduate programmes and will enable students to develop key knowledge, skills and behaviours that they can apply to course assignments, practical assessments, projects, and most importantly prepare them for workplace based placements and pharmacy practice.
  • Provide leadership and support to students and tutors/placement providers for their professional development.
  • Provide guidance and a framework of continuing professional development as a MPharm student and pre-registration trainee.
  • Provide a platform of resources, tools and support for both students and placement providers to demonstrate evidence of continuing professional development that is in line with the requirements set by the stakeholders, HEI's and GPhC. 
  • Provide a programme that helps facilitate a consistent and high-quality experience by all pharmacy students across the UK.
  • Provide a seamless transition into the continuing professional development frameworks with the RPS Foundation and Faculty Programmes.

Benefits of Pre-Foundation Benefits

For students:

  • Will help you understand the processes and frameworks for GPhC’s continuing professional development. 
  • A structured way of measuring your progress through the guidance of the Pre-Foundation framework that will align with the GPhC’s requirements for continuing professional development. It will provide tools and support to help you understand where you are at in your practice and where you should be aspiring to get to as a student.
  • Helps you evaluate and record your progress through your academic career to demonstrate your improvement over time.
  • Enable a seamless transition from being an undergraduate to pre-registration trainee to RPS Foundation pharmacist to the three stages of Advanced Practice for the RPS Faculty.
  • Will be an opportunity to market yourselves to future employers as unique individuals who are committed to their professional and personal development; something which is becoming increasingly important as competition for jobs and training places intensifies.

For the profession:

  • Pharmacists will have the tools to be prepared for the new CPD 2018 requirements from day 1 of their pharmacy career.
  • Pre-Foundation will contribute to the greater plan to help further assure the public that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians meet standards for safe and effective practice throughout their careers and during training.

How do you get involved? How do you get involved?

Our Pre-Foundation programme is currently under development. In the future, there will be different opportunities to be involved. Information will be sent out to our members and posted here on our website. 

To keep in touch:

  • Check here for regular updates on the Pre-Foundation Programme
  • Check out BPSA updates on their website
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