RPS Pharma Scene #2 - Blockchain Technology and the future of Pharmacy

With Dr Kirit Virdee

In this episode of our RPS Pharma Scene podcast, RPS Chief Scientist Gino Martini talks to Dr Hirkirit Virdee from PharmaLedger.

They discuss how introducing blockchain technology to pharmacy could change the way medicines are tracked, as well as how patients will benefit from tighter management of their prescriptions.

Discover how blockchain technology could make a major difference to healthcare in the future!

About Dr Virdee

Dr Hirkirit Virdee (Kirit)

Dr Hirkirit Virdee (Kirit) is currently working as the Culture and Adoption Co-Lead for the PharmaLedger Project. The goal of the PharmaLedger project is to provide a widely trusted platform that supports the design and adoption of blockchain-enabled healthcare solutions while accelerating delivery of innovation that benefits the entire ecosystem, from manufacturers to patients.

Kirit initially trained as a Pharmacist at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, and then went on to study postgraduate medicine at the University of Leicester. He completed his final medical training abroad at the Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara, Romania, and after completing his junior Doctor training he rotated in Trauma and Orthopaedics at the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for a few years. 

Kirit is currently on secondment to the PharmaLedger Project from Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK, where during his first year he worked as a Medical Advisor for their Cardiology portfolio.

His transition from a clinical environment to the pharmaceutical industry was triggered by listening to the RPS podcast series, A Career in Industrial Pharmacy, held by RPS Chief Scientist Gino Martini and Tarquin Bennett-Coles. The advice in the podcast gave him the tools and information to act and provided him with inspiration, determination and drive to change his career path. 

Kirit has a dedication and passion for learning about Blockchain Technology, Crypto-Assets and Distributed Ledger Technologies and ultimately believes that the characteristics of decentralisation, transparency and immutability will result in enhanced patient empowerment of data and the future development of a digital trust ecosystem.

In his spare time Kirit likes to perform as a professional close-up magician in London and is an active member of The Magic Circle.

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