Our #wearepharmacy campaign is celebrating and recognising pharmacy. Celebrating the diversity of roles and the ways in which you touch people’s lives.

Why? Because you inspire us! What you do is amazing. Every day you save lives, protect our health, advise health professionals, reassure people and build trust in our profession.

We're proud to support every single one of you.

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Meet our members...

Meet Sarah…


A Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Liver and Private Patient Services at King’s College Hospital, Sarah leads on the pharmacy service for transition liver patients. 

Sarah supports patients with a variety of liver conditions, and their families. Liver intensive research is very limited, so when faced with complex problems, she has to think on her feet and get creative! 

Whether she’s helping doctors, supporting nurses, screening medication charts, supplying medications not kept on wards, attending consultant-led ward rounds, or prescribing, amending and deleting medications - it’s all in a day’s work for Sarah!

Sarah is a pharmacist…and she saves lives.


Meet Sital...


Specialist Hepatology Pharmacist at King's College Hospital, Sital leads Hep C treatment delivery across South East London.

One day she treats patients at the pharmacist-led treatment clinic, the next she’ll be travelling around South London on a mobile bus testing, diagnosing and treating the homeless.

But that’s not all: Sital also works with local GP practices and prison healthcare providers to develop and improve new hepatitis C treatment pathways.

Highly skilled, creative and an expert in medicine, Sital’s expertise helps every single patient on the ward. 

Sital is a pharmacist…and she saves lives.

Meet Margaret...


A Community Pharmacist in Banwell, North Somerset, Margaret piloted a ground-breaking service to improve early detection of dementia in her village.

Margaret and her team know their customers well, so they offer a chat and mini cognitive test to anyone they're concerned might be beginning to suffer from memory loss. 

By inspiring the whole pharmacy team to get involved, Margaret has been able to make the service available throughout the day.

Of those assessed by Margaret and her team, over a quarter had noticed a significant change in their memory. Now, with earlier detection of dementia, they can be referred to other health services for better support.

Margaret is a pharmacist and a friend...and every day she makes people’s lives better!

Meet Caroline...

Caroline web

A Specialist Women's & Children's Pharmacist at Imperial College, Caroline is a vital part of a multidisciplinary team who look after pregnant women with complex medical conditions, such as HIV, renal transplants and haematological disorders.

They also take care of a thousand babies a year, ensuring medicines are safe for them to take.

Caroline is always there, teaching children how to take medicines and use medical devices to take control of their conditions, supporting the team and families with a smile and providing first class medicine advice 24/7. 

Caroline is a pharmacist …and she saves lives!

Meet Poonam...

Poonam webA Lead Pharmacist specialising in paediatric oncology and haematology, Poonam Lumb's special interest is in bone marrow transplantation.

 Poonam and her colleagues care for incredibly sick children, from across the world, with complex conditions day in and day out.

Poonam has to find ways to make life saving medicines safe and effective in children who are unable to swallow due to the side effects of their treatment… children who are sedated and can only receive their medications, and food, via their veins.

Poonam is a pharmacist...and she saves lives.

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