Research and Evaluation

Supporting development and innovation


Science and research are key elements in pharmacy. Robust evidence ensures safe, high-quality treatments and interventions are available to patients and the public. Research, audit, improvement and evaluation provide us with the knowledge and evidence to continually improve outcomes.

We help pharmacy professionals, through programmes of professional development and support, to better understand the role of science, research and evaluation in their practice, and to develop skills, to assist in the generation of knowledge and evidence.

Why are research and evaluation important in professional development?

Quality services and effective patient care are underpinned by evidence

We believe all pharmacy professionals should be supported to engage, support and lead research.

We have recently updated our research and evaluation guide which provides essential guidance across the research cycle.

Undertaking research and evaluation projects should draw on the skills that pharmacy professionals already possess, and develop their expertise in leadership, collaborative working, management and education. Taking part in research activities, such as clinical trials or even a local quality improvement project, will allow pharmacy professionals to prove the value of pharmacy to patient care, and play a part in improving services offered to patients.

Supporting science, evidence and innovation in pharmacy

Our programmes are aimed at supporting evidence and innovation across all areas of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

RPS Science & Research Summit 2019

We hosted our annual science and research summit on Friday 8th February 2019 at etc.venues, County Hall.

Chaired by our Chief Scientist, Gino Martini, the programme brought together experts and influencers, who are pushing the boundaries of innovation in the pharmaceutical sciences, research and education across industry, academia and practice.