Pharmacy 2030

Why a new vision?


Every health and care profession, every health service provider and every government is currently looking at how to recover and rebuild following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In response, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society is seeking to create a new vision for pharmacy in Scotland.

How will Pharmacy 2030 be created?

Pharmacy 2030 will be created iteratively during 2021. The reason for this is simple: it is vital that practising pharmacists across Scotland are involved in creating the vision, so it accurately reflects the profession’s views. 

The RPS is the only pharmacy organisation with members across all sectors of pharmacy, and therefore the only organisation that can create a single vision for the whole profession.

Seeking your views on general practice pharmacy

We are seeking pharmacy teams working in general practices in Scotland to become members of a short-life working group to create our Pharmacy 2030 vision. 

Please register at by Friday 7 May to receive a survey and feed in your views. 

The survey closes at 11pm on Sunday 9 May.

Community pharmacy focused vision: open for consultation

Read the Executive summary or full Report by clicking on the image below (PDF). Please give us your views by 1 July to: [email protected]

RPS Pharmacy 2030 - Executive summary cover RPS Pharmacy 2030 - cover

What will it include?

Pharmacy 2030 will consider how pharmacy will:

  • Improve the safe and effective use of medicines for patients
  • Address health inequalities and wellbeing for patients.

It will align pharmacy to national strategic priorities and identify the underpinning infrastructure required to:

  • Ensure patients receive high quality services
  • Maximise innovations including digital and technology developments
  • Develop the pharmacy workforce.

What is happening when?

Initially the RPS will seek views of pharmacists working in four key patient-facing areas, and then create focused visions for each. These focused visions will then be widely consulted on to seek views across the pharmacy profession, other health and care professions, and importantly with patients and the public. See section below for current progress.

Alongside these four patient-facing areas, the RPS will engage with pharmacists working in non-patient facing roles such as technical roles, academia, education and the pharmaceutical industry.

In the autumn of 2021, all of this scoping work will be brought together into a single new vision for pharmacy – Pharmacy 2030 – which will demonstrate how pharmacy can work together as a whole profession to deliver seamless, person-centred care for patients.

Focused visions in development

Community pharmacy
  • Initial scoping February-April 2021
  • Focused vision published on 31 March 2021 (see above)
  • Consultation until 1 July 2021.
General Practice pharmacy
  • Scoping began on 23 April, see above for how to take part.
Hospital pharmacy including patient facing and technical services
  • Scoping to begin in May 2021.
Specialist pharmacy services including specific care settings (eg, care homes, prisons)
  • Scoping to begin in May 2021.

How do I take part?

To take part in a scoping group or the consultation phase, please contact: [email protected]