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Your roadmap to advanced practice

Illustration of a long road heading towards a sunset

We've developed a roadmap which outlines career pathways for pharmacy professionals - the elements for progression of their professional careers that anticipate the changing landscape of the delivery of healthcare to address the needs and expectations of patients and the public.

The Roadmap describes not only career pathways for pharmacy professionals across Great Britain but also the support and development needs and the methods for assessment from day one as a student to the time of retirement from the profession.

We have set out a direction of travel for the pharmacy workforce over the coming years that puts patients at the centre of all that it does, promotes active, compassionate pharmaceutical care and encourages all health professionals, services and organisations to work together.

The RPS Roadmap defines career pathways for pharmacy professionals that are nationally applicable and address the objective for patients and their families in Great Britain to have access to excellent pharmaceutical care from members of our profession.

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