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The Royal Pharmaceutical Society is serious about inclusion and diversity, both for our members and within our own organisation. 

We’re committed to making inclusion and diversity central to the profession, celebrating and encouraging diverse voices across pharmacy.

Central to this aim is our Inclusion and Diversity Strategy. This is a plan for, and by, pharmacy, with three priorities:

  1. Create a culture of belonging
  2. Champion inclusive and authentic leadership
  3. Challenge barriers to inclusion & diversity.

This report is our public commitment to an ambitious inclusion and diversity programme 2020-2025, to create a workplace in which everyone can thrive and be themselves.

Inclusion and Diversity in the Pharmacy Profession

RPS Survey 2023

As a professional leadership body, we are committed to making inclusion and diversity central to the profession and celebrating and encouraging diverse voices across pharmacy for the benefit of all, in line with our inclusion and diversity strategy. In 2020, we launched our Inclusion and Diversity strategy, which we hope is leading the way in creating a sense of belonging in pharmacy.

This profession-wide survey aims to find out which inclusion and diversity factors matter most to you, whether these have changed since our first survey in 2019, and how far we have come in the past three years.

Your response will help us to identify areas for improvement in our existing strategy. You can help shape a future for pharmacy that is welcoming and representative of all voices, cultures, and experiences. The more people complete this survey, the more representative and reliable the output will be.

This survey should take 10–15 minutes to complete.
Please answer the questions as accurately and honestly as possible.

What data are being collected?

The survey collects data on the nine protected characteristics under the 2010 Equality Act (race, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, religion or belief, marital or civil partnership status, age, disability, pregnancy, and maternity/paternity status), as well as individual experiences and opinions on topics relating to inclusion and diversity within pharmacy.

Will it be anonymous?

Yes, this survey will be completely anonymous unless you voluntarily share your contact details at the end of the survey.

You will not be asked for your membership number or any other identifying information. The data we collect will not be linked to the personal data we hold for you as an RPS member and will not be passed to anyone else.

Want to know more about your data?

Read more about how RPS uses personal information in our Privacy Policy where you can also find more information about your rights in respect of your personal information, how to contact our data protection officer, and how to raise issues about use of your personal information with the ICO. We are keen to make a difference as soon as possible, which is why we are using this survey. In future, we’ll be looking at more sophisticated solutions to data collection.

Thank you in advance for your contributions. If you have any questions, email [email protected].

Claire Anderson, RPS President

We have heard what members of the profession have told us and recognise the importance of the professional leadership body taking meaningful action to improve a sense of belonging.

Claire Anderson
RPS President
Paul Bennett, RPS Chief Executive

Through diversity we gain the varied perspectives needed to tackle complex problems, come up with innovative solutions and create positive progress for the profession and our patients.

Paul Bennett
RPS Chief Executive

Pledge for Inclusion and Wellbeing

Sign our Pledge to demonstrate your support for a profession that's inclusive, celebrates diversity, creates a culture of belonging, and supports pharmacy teams’ health and wellbeing.


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Inclusion for all

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