Science and Research

By supporting science and research we support the future of medicines

Without innovation, there is no pharmacy


Through science and research, we discover and develop effective medicines. We set the safest standards for their regulation and use.

We are here to support science, research, evidence and innovation in pharmacy across all areas.

Our work includes:
  • New Medicines Guide – challenging the profession to improve the evidence base for pharmacy;
  • PharmSci Today podcast - stay up to date with the latest development in science and research, with Professor Gino Martini, our Chief Scientist and his monthly .
  • Quick Reference Guides - We produce guides on the latest developments in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences such as the latest information on pharmacovigilance and hot topic such as biosimilars.
  • Research Support Services and Resources - supporting you through all research stages, from planning and developing a research proposal to publishing and disseminating your research.

The Principle Trial

Principle trial

The RPS supports the Principle Trial, a nationwide trial led out of Oxford University to evaluate potential COVID-19 treatments for people over 50 years of age. Pharmacists can play a vital role in the design, implementation and recruitment of clinical trials.

As Chief Scientist, I believe it is important that we encourage members of the BAME community to participate in these trials and to support the leadership of Professor Mahendra Patel in this endeavour.

Our Groups and Networks

  • Our Science and Research Board brings together leaders from academia, industry, regulation, hospital and community practice. SRB working groups currently focus on the following themes:
    • Ensuring the Safe Use of Medicines
    • Digital/Connected Health
    • Adopting New Technologies (e.g. cellular therapies)
    • Increasing the Evidence Base for Pharmacy
    • e-cigarettes.
  • Our Industrial Pharmacy Forum offers pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists with an interest in industry a way to communicate and share ideas.
  • Our Antimicrobial Expert Advisory Group provides a source of expertise on antimicrobial stewardship, resistance, infection prevention and management and related issues which impact on the pharmacy profession and the public.

Our Awards

We showcase and recognise the science and research expertise of our members with two prestigious awards:

  • the Hanbury Memorial Medal, presented to individuals with a distinguished career in the pharmaceutical sciences, and
  • the Harrison Memorial Medal, presented to RPS members who have made an outstanding contribution in advancing pharmaceutical science.

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Our support services and resources

We offer a number of support services to help your research and evaluation activities.  These range from 1:1 sessions offering dedicated support, to more detailed guidance documents and signposting to related training and development opportunities.

If you are new to research we can help you too!

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